International Law Week, Leuven Belgium

In March 2012, six adult students and two lecturers of Satakunta University of Applied Sciences participated in the 4th International Law Week in Leuven, Belgium. The Law Week was organized by Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KHLeuven) and Haute Ecole Economique et Technicue (Ephec).  We spent two days in Leuven, two days in Brussels and also visited Brugge.

Back row: Minna Nurmi, Leena Sääski, Suvi Lehtonen, Paula Turkki and Leena Koskinen.
Front row: Matti Laaksamo, Merja Laakso and Marja Arbelius

Students from KHLeuven guided us throughout the week; they contacted students in advance providing information before arrival and took care of practicalities during the week. They have also been active after the event by creating a Facebook group for the participants.

Partner Universities

The International Law Week consisted of lectures, group assignments, visits and recreational activities. The target group was law students with knowledge of the English language.

Students worked in small groups or workshops. The assignments related mostly to EU directives which lay down certain end results that must be achieved in member states.

As the final assignment, students prepared a debate from the point of view of the existing political groups in the European Parliament under the theme “Will EU Citizens Need to Work Harder and Longer in the 21stCentury?”

The Pleanary Room of European Parliament in Brussels

The highlight of the Law Week was visiting Brussels and especially the European Parliament. We had an opportunity to hear how proposals turn into law.

European Parliament Building

One of our students organized a meeting with Sirpa Pietikäinen, a Member of the European Parliament. It was interesting to hear about the daily routines of the MEP and EU decision making in practice.

Sirpa Pietikäinen, a Member of the European Parliament

The official part of the International Law Week climaxed with a fancy dinner and a ball at Salons Georges. On the last day, we made a trip to the historic town of Brugge.

Brugge, the Venice of the North

Hopefully, this unique opportunity for internationalization becomes an annual tradition and we will have a chance to participate also the 5th International Law Week.

Suvi Lehtonen
senior lecturer


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